Real & sincere

Real & sincere attention

Amanda set up her business in January 2013. Her passion is marketing, communication and creation. Her focus is firmly directed at the customer. Her gaze and attention reach each and every project, seeing even the tiniest detail. Cause it’s the details that make the difference between an average score and distinction. And the absolute best is what Amanda wants for every customer. Every time.

Opportunities & solutions

Amanda thinks in terms of opportunities and solutions. ‘This way or that, do it we will.’ This can-do mentality is what she brings to all the projects she works on, like major campaigns, newsletters, websites, or international conferences. Whether for the self-employed, for SMEs or international companies: any project is in safe hands when you leave it with Amanda.

Thanks to her broad work experience on both sides of the customer-agency relationship, Amanda connects easily with all parties. She knows the ropes. The focus of the projects she's involved with is on results for ‘us’ – the parties that constitute the ‘we’ team with her at any time. You. And the carefully selected professionals she lines up, all committed specialists, and creative to the core.